Realizing Your Obligation as a Client When Using Phoenix Bail Bonds

Rather than sit in a jail cell for days or weeks, you typically want to do everything in your power to get out from behind bars and go home to your family. However, paying your own bail can be an expensive endeavor. You may not have hundreds or thousands sitting in your bank account for this purpose.

To get the money that you need, you can apply for and use Phoenix bail bonds. Before you sign the contract, it can benefit you to realize what is expected of you as a client of the agency.

Putting Up Collateral
The Phoenix bail bond agent will promise the court upon your release that you will appear at all of your court dates. If you fail to show up, the bail bond agent must pay the court the full amount of your bail.

To secure your bond, which is 10 percent of your bail, you must provide some sort of collateral. The collateral typically must be an asset that is valuable enough to pay not only your bond but also the full price of your bail.

After putting up a car, house or other valuable asset, the Phoenix bail bonds agent will pay your bond to get you out of jail. You then must appear at all of your court dates or forfeit the asset. You also will have a new arrest warrant issued for you if you abscond.

To answer any questions regarding a bail bond or if you need bail assistance you can call Sanctuary Bail Bonds at (602) 224-5247.

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