Real Estate Law Attorneys in Chicago Help Landlords Evict Problem Tenants

Real estate investment is one of the best ways to build wealth today. However, when a problem tenant threatens to cost the property owner more money than they are paying to rent the unit, it might be necessary to contact an experienced real estate attorney. Tenants can cause a number of problems for a landlord. The most common reason for eviction is nonpayment of rent, but that isn’t the most costly, by far. When a person who lives in a rental unit makes the property so unbearable that other tenants don’t want to live there anymore, it’s essential to go through the proper steps to evict the problem tenant and restore peace to the property.

Illinois has specific protocol landlords must follow to force a tenant to move. These laws are in place to protect the tenant, but they will also protect property owners as long as they are followed in the correct order. For example, a landlord cannot change the locks on a dwelling prior to a getting a court order. Real estate law attorneys in Chicago could help a landlord ensure they do everything necessary to ensure the law is on their side when they go to court to evict their problem tenant.

Real estate law attorneys in Chicago may also help a landlord who has had problems like this tenant in the past. Some things they might do include reviewing the screening procedures the property owner uses to avoid renting to people who will damage their property or harass their neighbors, review and revise the lease agreement to make the rules and policies clear to new tenants, and provide them with the documents they need to inform them of lease violations.

Choosing an experienced practice like Starr Bejgiert Zink & Rowells ensures a property owner might work with an attorney who has several years of experience in this type of law and could offer suggestions the property owner might not have thought of on their own. Renting property offers a way for investors to earn a nice return on their investment. Investors can often avoid many of the common pitfalls by working with a skilled real estate lawyer.