Real Estate Asset Management for Traveling Investors

Whether you own one or more properties and have recently relocated or spend much of your time traveling between investments, you may find it a challenge to keep up with landlording duties.  If you have not already considered real estate asset management, know that hiring an experienced, fully-insured manager to care for your investments on your behalf can free-up your schedule and take the burden off of your shoulders.  The greater the number of investments you own, the harder it is to meet the requirements of each one, especially if you are frequently on the go.  Property management companies provide a much needed backup for any owner who has difficulties keeping their investment afloat.  Online management allows clients to stay informed during their travels, while insured, skillful managers provide peace of mind.

Information & Updates
Large and well-established management firms allow traveling clients to keep track of their properties by logging into the company’s website.  There, they gain access to an accurate and extensive database of their investment-related statements, records, and reports.  If you are in your home state, you can rest easy knowing your important documents can be made available with just a few clicks.  You can enjoy even greater peace of mind when traveling by working with a seasoned company that offers only the most reliable, knowledgeable real estate asset management.  Dallas agents understand the value your asset holds for you and will work committedly in your absence to deliver top-notch service with a genuine interest in your investment’s success.

Liability Protection
Property management companies are not restricted to a specific code of conduct, and unfortunately, many agents are not fully-insured professionals.  Liability insurance, designed specifically for property managers, helps protect agents from injury claims and/or discriminatory claims.  If a property manager without protective coverage faces such an allegation, the situation may lead to lofty court costs and attorney fees.  Choosing an agent who carries liability coverage is an excellent idea for any investor, including those who travel extensively.  While you are away, your asset is in the hands of your property manager.  If they are uninsured, you may be held liable should a worker acquire an injury during a remodeling project or a rejected tenant claim they were discriminated against.

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