Rape Victim Support in Detroit, MI Can Offer a Helping Hand

Living as a victim of rape or sexual assault is a reality that faces millions. Even if the event is years in the past, there are traumas that will stay with survivors for the rest of their lives. Those who have been able to move forward did so with a helping hand.

That means working with Avalon Healing Center, which provides rape victim support in Detroit, MI. With a plethora of services available, survivors can get the helping hand they need to get through their ordeal.


Even if the event took place years prior, the scars are still there. With rape victim support in Detroit, MI, counseling services are available to survivors. They can talk to dedicated, compassionate professionals who have a background in sexual assault and rape counseling.

The goal is to help work through the feelings and memories from that event. It does not mean the event will be forgotten, but it allows survivors to cope with their experience and move forward.


There are also a variety of sexual assault exams that can be provided. The sexual assault forensic exam can ensure that survivors are not dealing with further issues or complications from their experience.

Moreover, it can mean providing authorities with the proof they need to make an arrest. It is just one of the resources available to those who have survived assault or rape and are looking to move forward.

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