Quick and Reliable Air Conditioning Repair in Manassas, VA

The air conditioning systems of today have come a long way from their humble beginnings in ancient Egypt. It was the Egyptians who doused reeds with water and hung them in their windows. The air blowing through the windows was cooled by the evaporating water. This process cooled the inside air and increased the level of humidity. This trick of increasing humidity was seized upon by printing plants in the United States in the early 1900s as they developed equipment to decrease the dry air and increase the humidity levels the printing process required.

Southern states in the United States can thank the advancements of residential air conditioning as the key to their population and success. Many believe it the expansion and increasing popularity of these products in the 1920s which helped to populate many of these areas.

Today homeowners no longer need reeds to cool their homes. Air conditioning systems are simple to operate and provide a much more consistent and pleasing result. But they are not infallible. When your air conditioner breaks down it is unfortunately not going to happen on a cold day. It will happen when you are using it, just as your home temperature starts to become uncomfortable.

Because of this, when your AC breaks all you want is for help to arrive quickly. Air conditioning repair in Manassas, VA has to be fast and reliable because of this immediate need. No customer is going to accept the excuse that they have to wait for help because the repairman is busy or because it is a weekend.

If your air conditioner breaks you can call Woody’s Sudden Service. They offer 24-hour emergency HVAC services so they can be at your home quickly, any time of the year. As a licensed and insured heating and air conditioning contractor you can call them for any climate control issues you may have at your home or office.

Stay comfortable through summer or winter with Woody’s heating or cooling systems or service. They also replace water heaters, sell humidity control systems, air purifiers and more. They also offer helpful maintenance plans to help avoid those inconvenient, unplanned mechanical breakdowns.

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