Questions to Consult Your Bankruptcy Attorney with before Filing

If you’re at the point of filing for bankruptcy, you already know that it has been a very difficult road to travel. Trying to file on your own could only add to the amount of stress that you have in your life and that is why it is important that you hire a bankruptcy attorney in St. Charles MO that can be a comfort and give you advice on how to get through such a complex time in your life. Once you have found the best attorney to help you, there are some very important questions that you need to ask as they will help you in making the best choice for your future.

1. How much is it going to cost me? The cost for filing will vary depending upon where you live. However, you need to confirm this with your lawyer right away. If you’re not able to pay the full processing costs you may be able to get help with the use of installment plans. Make sure that you write down what the fees are that will be associated in filing as well as your final attorney’s fees.

2. How many bankruptcy cases have you handled? You want to make sure that you get a better understanding of how often your lawyer is working a case as this will give you insight on how much knowledge and experience they have. You want to make sure that you’re selecting the best one for the job so you need to find out how much this lawyer knows. You also want to make sure that you clarify whether they are specialized in business or consumer bankruptcy so that you can make sure they will best suit your needs.

3. What does it take to file? You want to make sure that your bankruptcy attorney in St. Charles MO gives you the rundown of what you will be going through. You will likely have 180 days to meet with a credit counseling agency to talk over your debts. Your attorney will need to give you a list of approved agencies you can see. They will assist you with budgeting and other money management tips so that you can prevent this from happening in the future.

4. Will all my debts be taken care of once I file? In most instances all of your debts will be taken care of once you have filed, however, there are some exceptions to the rules. This might include any debt that is owed to the government such as taxes, child support, student loans, alimony, or any other debts that have not been included in the petition.

It is important that you find the right attorney to help you through this long process. Be sure that you find someone who is comfortable for you to work with, as you don’t want to add more stress to your situation by working with someone you don’t feel righ with. By using the questions listed above you should have a great example of which topics you will need to discuss with your attorney. With any luck you will find a professional that will give you the best legal advice on what to do for your future.

When you’re struggling financially and you see no other way out, consider consulting with a Bankruptcy Attorney St Charles Mo about what you can do to get out of debt and find relief.

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