Questions to Ask Before Calling for Service on Commercial HVAC in Manhattan

If you don’t know what to ask, finding quality repairs for Commercial HVAC In Manhattan can be difficult. Knowing which questions to ask can mean the difference between a simple repair and a costly one. In this article is a list of simple questions to ask any repair company before they come out on a service call.

Know what you Have

It’s important to know what type of thermostat and equipment runs your commercial AC unit. Contractors can spend hours trying to find the right unit if there are multiples; knowing which unit or thermostat is not working and knowing how to get onto the roof and into the attic can expedite the repair process.

Describe the Problem

If necessary, write down a description of the issues you’re encountering before you make the service appointment with There are a variety of reasons to know what’s wrong with your AC unit, but the primary one is to know whether the company you’ve called can even solve your problem. The other main reason is to ensure that the company is prepared when they come to your site. A quick description can tell the technician a lot about your issue before he or she sees the unit.

Familiarize Yourself with Fee Schedules

Commercial AC repair companies charge in two ways – by the hour and on a flat rate basis. Hourly rates vary according to the company’s size; a good average is $80-$125/hour, and most companies have minimums and travel charges. The biggest advantage of the hourly rate is that the job won’t cost much if it’s a simple fix.

The other fee schedule is flat-rate pricing, which is advantageous for a few reasons. There’s no motivation for the company to stretch the job longer than it should be, and you’ll know what the job will cost before work even starts. The flat-rate pricing option is best for companies on fixed maintenance budgets.

Learn About Warranties

A warranty is an important consideration when you are in need of repairs for Commercial HVAC In Manhattan. Many only offer a 30-day warranty on parts and labor, which shows a lack of confidence in the quality of the parts and of the repair. Be sure to choose a company that offers at least a one-year warranty.

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