Questions And Answers About Clogs And Drain Cleaning In Bellevue

After years of use, your drains can become filled with gunk which causes them to clog and slowly drain or not drain at all. When you notice that your drains are running slowly, it’s time to call a plumber who does Drain Cleaning in Bellevue. If you wait to call a repairman, the clog will only get worse and this can cause nasty water to back up into your sink. Below are some common questions and answers about drain clogs.

Q.) What causes a clog in my drain and how can I prevent it from happening in the future?

A.) Most of the time, clogged drains are the result of something going down into the drain that isn’t supposed to. In your kitchen sink, this could be grease, chunks of food or coffee grounds. Your bathtub drain gets bombarded with hair and soap scum. A clogged toilet could be the result of paper products that aren’t toilet paper, cigarette butts or a race car being flushed. The worst type of clog is a sewer clog and you’ll know that you have one when you see dirty water backed up in your bathtub. To prevent clogs, be very conscious of what you put down your drains and in your toilet. Periodically pour baking soda down your drains, followed by hot water to help with clearing them out.

Q.) Why isn’t my plunger and drain cleaner working to unclog my drain?

A.) While a plunger can work to unclog a minor clog, it’s practically useless for a large clog or for one that’s way down in the line. The drain pipes that come from your sink are straight and then they curve. If the clog is bound up in the curve of the pipe, the plunger won’t work. If the clog is in your sewer, nothing will work besides calling a plumber that does Drain Cleaning in Bellevue. The plumber will have to open the clean out cap of the sewer and use a drain snake to clear the clog.

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