Quality Water Heater Sales and Service In Fort Wayne, IN

When you want to have warm water anytime, rely on Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning to help you out. For years, we have been the top team for water heaters in Fort Wayne, IN. Let’s show you how we can help you select, install, service, inspect, and repair your water heater.

Our water heater service including quick, quality installation of new units. In fact, our Brockman team can install any make and model water heater for your home. From large to small models, we can handle it all.

If you have a non-working or faulty water heater, then you can rely on Brockman to quickly handle the problem. Our team has serviced thousands of water heaters and can expertly diagnose and repair your unit. Click here to learn more about our Ft. Wayne, IN, water heater repair and service.

If your water heater is working fine, then that’s great. Let’s make sure that your water heater stays in top shape with our expert inspection service. Our inspection service can help you save time and money to prevent any potential problems. Our

water heaters in Fort Wayne, IN inspection service, includes testing of the thermostat, inspecting the flow of combustion and ventilated air, an inspection of the main and pilot burner flames, a visual inspection of the vent system and draining service to remove any silt and sediment.