Quality Furniture in Salt Lake City, UT

Mission furniture is a style of furnishings that was created in the late 19th century. It is a design style which is comprised of clean, simple lines. The furniture is heavily reliant upon its quality of wood as a major draw of the style is its beautiful wood grains. Slats on the furnishings are kept straight and flat as it was meant to be simple, understated and exceptionally solid.

If you are looking for Mission furniture in Salt Lake City UT there is Sugar House Furniture. They are the premier supplier of Mission style furniture in the Salt Lake City area. All of their furniture is made of solid, quality woods in beautiful styles which are meant to last for decades.

The simple look of Mission furniture makes it work very well with many home interior styles. The products are simple, made without embellishment and rely heavily on the quality of the wood they are made of to bring the look and warmth the homeowner is seeking.

Sugar House Furniture offers options for every room of the house. In addition to their Mission furniture they also have several other style options as well including arts and crafts, craftsman and more. These additional looks are similar in feel and simplicity to Mission styles and are therefore able to often be creatively blended within one home.

The furniture Salt Lake City UT includes amazing pedestal tables or trestle tables for the dining room. There are gorgeous wood-framed cloth or leather armchairs and sofa sets. You will find comfortable, quality furniture for the office, bedroom and every other room of the house.

In addition to their beautiful selection of furniture they offer a huge inventory of accessories. These accessories are specially chosen to compliment the lines of the furniture the shop offers. They have gorgeous pottery, art pieces and Tiffany lamps.

Come and see the beautiful options in their extensive showroom. They have been offering their furniture for nearly 30 years. All of their furniture is made from genuine wood, most of it is 100 percent Oak. Come see for yourself the difference real furniture can make.


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