Purchasing the Right Hand Dryer for a School Bathroom

If you run a school, you will understand the importance of keeping both your school and bathrooms clean. This can be tough when vandalism is a regular occurrence, and it can really take its toll on your budget. Choosing the best hand dryer can be tough, because you want it to be durable and practical, without losing speed or efficiency. When choosing your hand dryer, you need to make sure that you avoid a model which is made from white plastic. White plastic is easily drawn upon, and this is something you want to avoid at all times. Many hand dryer models come in a dark silver color, so this is definitely something you need to consider if you’re trying to keep your school bathrooms vandal free and clean. It may also be beneficial to install a hand dryer which operates at a lower height. You put your hands into the air, as opposed to under it. This will help to collect the stray water which can be blown onto the floor from your hands, reducing maintenance and cleanup times.

Choosing the Greener Model

If you want to save money when it comes to your school bathrooms, you need to make sure that you chose an energy efficient hand dryer. Because your hand dryers will be continually in use, you need to make sure they are efficient at doing their job. You want a hand dryer that operates and dries within a few seconds, as well as using as little energy as possible. It may be more beneficial to purchase a hand dryer which has a high speed rating, as this will dry as many hands as possible per hour without being left on for periods of time.

Automatic Models

Some older models of hand dryers operate on a push button command. This isn’t very beneficial to a school, as the hand dryer can easily be left on. By choosing an automatic model, you don’t need to worry about this at all. The hand dryer will turn on whenever a motion is detected and it will shut off once the hands are removed. This can be a very effective way of reducing your budget, as well as lowering your drying times.

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