Pump Service in Kenosha

Your water pump is one of the most important systems on the property. Residents of Kenosha know what it’s like when the water system isn’t optimal, like all those people last summer who were hit hard by the drought and had to have their wells dug deeper to reach the new low water table level. While you can’t do much about the amount of rain we get in Kenosha, you can make sure that your water and well system is working perfectly. Annual pump service is a great way to maintain the system and catch problems early, before they become catastrophes.

What to Look for in Pump Service

Pump service providers in Kenosha are going to spend a bit of time looking at the whole well and water system. They’ll listen to the water pump and see if it sounds healthy, and then they’ll probably want to open up the pump and check the motor and all electrical components to ensure that there are no signs of degraded parts. Any tiny problem may be the sign of a leak or issue that could cause more, and bigger, problems in the future, so your pump service provider should be looking at the details and not just listening from the outside.

What Indicates that a Pump Needs Service?

Most water pumps in Kenosha are going to need servicing once a year, no matter how new they are. But if you are between annual check-ups and you are concerned that there might be a problem, there’s no such thing as too safe. You’re always better off checking the status of your water system than just leaving it and assuming you’ll know if something is wrong – you probably do know, and you know already. Other signs to look for include:

*     Changes in water pressure
*     Changes in the sound of the water pump
*     A water pump that runs all the time, or never

The range of small things that might alert you to the fact that you need pump service is very broad, so it’s good to simply know how your pump works and what it sounds like when everything is good. That way when things change, you’ll know right away that there could be a problem. And all you need to know is that there may be a problem for you to call someone for pump service. If everything turns out okay, you may be out a bit of cash. But if there is a small problem that can be fixed easily, you may be saving yourself a bundle.



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