Providing Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Care in Indianapolis, Indiana

Preventive Dental Care For Kids

Operating a children dental center in Indianapolis, IN, Dr. John Bozic and Dr. Zach Bozic offer preventive care for kids of all ages. These certified dentists provide a comfortable environment for treating children who may have some anxiety relating to dentistry. When conducting a comprehensive dental exam on young patients, the experts look for any early signs of decay and other common dental problems. Traditional X-rays are utilized to identify problems that aren’t readily visible with a simple visual examination. Sealants may be recommended for treating such conditions that usually get worse over time. The sealants provide long-lasting protection against acids and other chemicals that deteriorate the enamel and gums of primary teeth. One application could provide sufficient protection against decay for several years. The dental practice also specializes in applying resin and amalgam fillings for enhanced protection against cavities. Additionally, resin white crowds may be installed to treat severe decay in large teeth, especially the molars.

Emergency Dental Care

This pediatric dental practice in Indianapolis also offers emergency services for children and adolescents. For example, you may bring your child to the office for emergency treatment of a knocked-out tooth. It’s a good idea to temporarily store the loose tooth in a container of cold milk. Likewise, chipped and fractured teeth may be examined and repaired during an emergency visit to the facility. Damaged gums, inner cheeks and tongue could also be treated during such an unplanned visit. Follow them on Facebook.

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