Protein Supplements: What You Need to Know About Whey Protein in Fort Worth

Whey protein powders and supplements are gaining popularity in Fort Worth among fitness buffs, body builders and even those who are simply looking to improve their health and well being.

Whey Protein 101

A by-product of the cheese-making process, whey protein is a mixture of proteins extracted from the liquid portion of coagulated milk. It is typically added to powders or shakes to make a nutritional supplement that provides the user with a high-dose of protein without the fat or carbohydrates found in most traditional protein sources. Some supplements contain 100% whey isolate, and some contain whey protein mixed with other protein sources like egg white and soy. Which type you should choose depends on your fitness and health goals or the results you’re trying to achieve. Typically, whey isolate is digested faster and contains no fat, making it a beneficial post-workout fuel-up. Mixed powders containing whey concentrate are better suited to those who want a bit more fat in their supplement–and a more economical price.

Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein in Fort Worth has many fitness and health benefits. It’s commonly used to help build muscle during weight training because it provides much-needed protein with little or no fat or carbohydrates. It’s absorbed quickly by the body and boosts protein synthesis, meaning it’s a great source of energy for athletes and fitness aficionados. Doctors are also studying its effects on overall good health. According to recent studies, whey protein may have anti-inflammatory properties that can lessen the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Whey protein accomplishes this by increasing the body’s levels of glutathione, an important antioxidant that can fight a variety of diseases.

Possible Side Effects of Whey Protein

While whey protein is considered a safe and beneficial health supplement, there are some potential side effects that users should be aware of. The most common are digestive issues; since whey is a milk product, those who are sensitive to dairy may experience cramping, gas or bloating. Other possible side effects are mild headaches, fatigue and irritability.

Whey protein is a beneficial supplement for those seeking increased health, energy and muscle. Whether you’re looking for health benefits or fitness perks, whey protein can help you accomplish your goals.

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