Protecting Yourself: Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Bellingham WA

As long as humans have lived in civilizations, there has been the protection of the law provided to those who have been carelessly injured by others. Thousands of years of historical documents detail the decisons of leaders from every culture who have strived to make things equal when a wrong has occurred. Even the Biblical standard of “an eye for an eye” refers to this belief.

There is no single instance or case which was the turning point for modern personal injury law. The law was shaped in the same way many others are, as small changes occuring over time because of the needs or examples pointed in out in other legal cases. Certainly unions and the establishment of worker’s compensation laws assisted with this over the course of the 20th century.

Today personal injury law is a standard of practice all of its own. It encompasses a broad range of injuries from worker’s compensation to automobile accidents and even dog bites. The causes may be different but the common thread in each is that bodily harm, often accompanied with extensive medical bills and loss of work-time, is brought about because of the carelessness of others. In some cases there could be a criminal aspect to it, but more often it is just about lack of responsibility.

These cases can be as simple as someone spraining an ankle or as traumatic as a death. But in each the root cause of a lawsuit is the lack of insurance companies taking responsibilty as they should for their client and paying a fair compensation. When this occurs the solution is a Personal Injury Attorney in Bellingham, WA. These attorneys are skilled at getting their clients the funds they need to get their life back on track. They can help their clients receive enough to pay off medical bills, household bills and replace lost income. In the case of many of the attorneys, they receieve no pay unless you win your lawsuit.

Make an appointment for a free initial consultation with robinson and kole attorneys at law. They will match you up with their Personal Injury attorney in Bellingham, WA who will listen to the details of your case and let you know whether or not it should be taken further.

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