Protecting Items In Storage In Bellingham Wa From Theft

When there is a need to place belongings in Storage In Bellingham Wa, the safety of these items is sure to be a concern. While most storage facilities have security measures in place to aid in keeping theft at a minimum, customers can ramp up efforts in this protection on their own as well. Here are some tips that will be handy to help keep personal effects from being robbed.

Keep Valuables In The Back Portion

Items of any value should be positioned against the back wall of a storage unit. Since items will be placed in front of valuables, it is less likely someone will take the time to maneuver their way through a unit to search for them or try to take them out.

Hide More Expensive Items Among Unattractive Belongings

Place treasured items among less interesting items so they are obscured from view. For example, place fine silverware at the bottom of a box of plastic bowls or plates. Coins can be hidden in bins of clothing. Paperwork can be placed between pages of books and then stashed inside cardboard boxes. Use drawers of larger pieces of furniture to hide small valuables as well.

Select A Storage Facility With Proper Lighting

It is important to find a storage unit facility with adequate lighting to help thwart the chance of a robbery occurring. Before renting a unit, take a trip to the facility during night time hours to see if each unit is provided with enough illumination in front of the door. This will aid in keeping potential thieves from getting too close to a unit not belonging to them as they may be seen by someone on the premises. An alternate idea is to use a storage facility that is only open during day time hours.

When there is a need to find a facility for Storage In Bellingham Wa, selecting one with competitive pricing and security measures in place is best. Contact a storage unit facility today to set up an appointment for a tour of the premises or to discuss particular storage options available to rent.