Protect Your House from Fire, Purchase Smoke Alarms

One of the most effective and least expensive ways to protect your house and family from a fire is something that most homes already have. Smoke alarms are a requirement in most homes, though many people still don’t use them or have them. Even if you do have some in the home, you have to maintain them, or they won’t help you during your time of crisis.

A Few Statistics

Almost every home uses smoke alarms, but almost half of the house fires occur when an alarm isn’t present. Likewise, about 60 percent of deaths from fire happen in houses that don’t have appropriate alarm systems.

While you may experience a fire when you’re cooking and can yell at others to get out, some fires happen when the household is asleep. Most people believe incorrectly that they can smell the smoke and wake up with enough time to get out safely. However, most fires produce gas that is odorless and toxic. Those who are sleeping may be overcome with the gas and never wake up. The loud, shrill noise of the alarm can be piercing and scary, but it also alerts you to the dangers, allowing you to get out safely.

Installation and Maintenance

One alarm or detector isn’t enough for your home. Each floor of the house should have one alarm (which includes basements and attics), and every bedroom or sleeping area should have an alarm, as well. You can likely install the smoke alarms yourself by following the directions.

Also, remember to maintain the alarm by testing it to hear the noise and changing the batteries if applicable.

Your house is the place you go to relax and unwind. Keep your house safe with smoke alarms from First Alert. Visit them for more information.

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