Protect Your Home From Water Damage with a Gutter Repair in Kent Wa

Although most people avoid thinking about the exterior parts of their home, avoiding certain components, like rain gutters, can result in costly damage. Rain gutters are shallow troughs attached to a roof line. They coallect water that would otherwise drip off of a roof. The water is then directed away from the home. Properly functioning rain gutters will protect the home from water damage. Any malfunction will require a Gutter Repair in Kent Wa.

One of the most common causes of malfunction within a gutter system is a build up of debris. Leaves, twigs, and dirt can clog a rain gutter over time. If water cannot follow the given path due to debris, it will overflow and drip down the house or even pool on the roof. The resulting water damage can cause problems with deterioration and mold in the roof, walls, and foundation. Debris should only take a few minutes to clean out if done twice a year. It is a good idea to inspect the gutters for debris after a storm.

Pests can also cause significant damage to a gutter system. Birds may clog a gutter with a nest. Bird droppings may erode the gutter material over time, causing leaks. Rodent and insect infestations may put extra weight on parts of the gutter, causing it to warp or pull away from the roof line. Two ways to protect the gutters from pests include a cover and keeping plants away from the roof. Birds and other small animals will not be able to get into a covered gutter system. Many insects and other pests that do not fly may access the gutter from nearby trees. Keeping limbs trimmed away from the home should help.

Gutters may be damaged during a storm or from a falling tree limb. Water sitting in the gutter may become ice in the winter. As freezing water expands, the gutter may become cracked. A visual inspection will reveal any potential problems. Look for cracks, holes, and splitting seams. A gutter that is not securely attached to the roof line is also a problem. Correct any damage to ensure that the gutters are working properly.

Rain gutters protect the home from water damage. A gutter that is not functioning properly will need to be fixed. Report any damage to a specialist for a Gutter Repair in Kent Wa.

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