Protect Your Health and Keep Your Upholstery Clean

Just about everyone has upholstery of some sort in their offices, and there will be times when it needs a good clean. Over time, stains can appear; and even if they don’t, dirt will start to make your upholstery look dull and tired.

Many people make the mistake of taking on a job like this by themselves, and this could actually end up costing you more money in the long run. One of the most common mistakes is using too much liquid. If you soak, say, your sofa in the reception area with water, it could take a long time to dry. The fabric deep within your sofa can stay moist for days, even weeks, without you noticing it and this can cause problems with mold which will eventually work its way to the surface. If this does happen, you will need to buy a new sofa, and the mold spores could cause health issues.

This is just one reason why you should geyt the services of a company who does commercial upholstery cleaning in Portland OR. The people who work for companies like this are professionals, and they are trained to use the latest equipment available on the market that will not only clean your upholstery, but dry it properly at the same-time.

Another mistake people make is the amount of detergent they think they will need. Just because you have a huge stain, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will need more detergent. In fact, this can also cause problems with regards to attracting more dirt. The stain may appear to have gone, but the residue that’s left behind from the detergent will attract dirt, and it won’t be long before the stain re-appear as if by magic!

Detergent, and how much you use is one thing, but you also need to know what the chemical balance should be. If you get this wrong it can have horrendous consequences. For example, you go around all the office chairs, and give them a good clean; it would be a disaster to find that the chemical balance in the detergent you used was incorrect.

This could mean the fabric will be completely ruined, and all of the chairs will need replacing; imagine how much money that will cost you? It pales into insignificance when you think about how much it will cost to have a professional company do your commercial upholstery cleaning in Portland OR for you.

You may think you can get away with not cleaning your upholstery at all and this not a good idea. As mentioned, it will eventually look old and dull. Not only that, you’re putting people at risk in terms of health. The fabrics use in furniture trap dust, and other micro-organisms that can get into peoples’ lungs, so not cleaning your upholstery isn’t an option.

Instead at least once per year, you should use the services of a professional company to do this for you, which will give you peace of mind that your furniture will last longer, and won’t affect anyone’s health.

A reputable commercial cleaner can do all your Commercial upholstery cleaning Portland OR for you. They will ensure the job is done correctly, which will save you time and money. Visit

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