Protect your Hair by Using Hair Slip

Human Hair Extensions (Halo Method) Whether your hairs thinning, brittle, graying or even rich and healthy, protecting your hair should be your number one priority when it comes to hair products. Plenty of women lose hair simply by trying to fix a problem the wrong way. For example you wouldn’t fix a broken heel with superglue would you? It would only make the problem worse as it will break again, and again, becoming more and more frequent until it becomes completely irreparable. This metaphor applies directly to the treatment of un-healthy hair. By using cover-up products such as tape on, clip on, micro bead or fusion extensions, you are ultimately damaging your hair more, causing longer lasting damage for the sake of temporary good looking hair. If your hair is already thinning or brittle, this persistent tension on the roots can speed up or even add to the effects, possibly causing irreversible damage, damage your hair cannot afford. But fret not, there is a solution to this problem: Hair Slip Hair extensions.

How Do They Protect my Hair?
These extensions, unlike most others on the market, do not rely on being held in place by attaching themselves to your own hair. You see, when you place the hair extensions to your natural hair, your head shape and gravity plays a role by keeping them taught and secured. Additionally, your natural hair on top of the Hair Slip will keep it camouflaged as well as adding extra security to the placement as well.

How Do They Work?
The Hair Slip hair extensions work on the basis of using a thin pliable clear wire instead of clips, glue or heat to hold the extensions in place. They form a “halo” around the crown of your head. Using gravity, your head shape and the weight of your actual hair, the hair slip hair extensions sit naturally, beginning just above the top of your neck. They’re designed to become invisible when worn, with help of the extra thin wire and color matching technology, the hair slip extensions disappear into your hair as if by magic. Within seconds your hair has more volume and length, giving your precious hair time to repair itself from the damaging effects from fusion, bead, tape and other unhealthy extension options.

Will they Look Natural?
Wearing MissTress Hair Slip human hair extensions, will look a lot more natural as compared to synthetic hair. Being that the hair slip sits beneath your natural hair, the blending of your hair on top and the extension itself allows you to achieve the most natural look. The hair slip human hair extension will be easy to style, being that it is made from top quality human hair. However any synthetic versions will have an unnatural shine similar to doll hair and depending on the material they’re made from, sometimes impossible to style being that synthetic material cannot withstand the heating elements that high quality human hair can withstand. Most hair specialists would recommend human hair extensions opposed to synthetic. Although, though they cost a little more in the long run, they prove more durable, longer lasting and less detectable.


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