Protect Your Belongings with Climate Controlled Storage in Farmington, CT

Whether you need short or long-term storage, it is imperative that you get climate controlled storage to protect your belongings. A self-storage unit might seem ideal at first due to its low cost and convenience for short-term use, but certain items in your home require climate control. Simply renting the first available storage space can cause you headaches and costly repairs or replacement in the future.

Climate controlled storage in Farmington, CT is the perfect solution, but to understand when to use it, you must know what items require it. Climate controlled means that the unit is kept between 55 and 85 degrees year-round and at a constant humidity level. In short, it is a heater, air conditioner, dehumidifier, and humidifier all in one, depending on the current weather.

Wooden Furniture

Wood exposed to too much moisture over time can crack, warp, and even rot. If you have wooden furniture such as bed frames, end tables, tables and chairs, and more to store, you must utilize climate controlled storage. Humidity control is essential for the continued integrity of your wooden furniture. If you own antiques, this is especially important as any damage can greatly reduce their value.

Leather Furniture

Excessively hot or cold temperatures can cause leather to crack, discolor, and mildew. To avoid this, you must have proper control inside the storage unit. Professional storage companies work day and night to ensure that your items are constantly in the perfect environment. Real leather is expensive to replace and all but impossible to repair once a crack or tear has occurred. To avoid an unpleasant surprise once you return to your items, you must utilize only the best storage units in Farmington.

Paper goods, such as comics, newspapers, and stamps, need to be kept dry and cool to prevent yellowing and mildew. If you collect such items, it is likely important to you that they are kept safe. For these reasons and more, climate control is the only option worth considering.

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