Propane Gas Fireplace Direct Vent Units to Warm Your Home

When you were a kid, you may remember huddling close to the wood-burning fireplace in your living room. The fire was crackling around wooden logs behind the metal grate as the smoke ascended up the chimney. The entire setting was repeated many times throughout the nation in different homes. The smell of the burning wood and the darting flames are something that now, with modern fireplaces such as the propane gas fireplace, are no longer a common site. Today’s modern fireplaces whether fueled by natural gas or some other fuels such as liquid petroleum or propane, offer a clean and relatively maintenance free option.

These fireplaces function with a factory made metal box which is framed into the wall during installation. Homes that are built today sometimes have these fireplace units installed during construction. However, you can also have a propane fireplace installed in your existing living space.

A propane gas fireplace vents air from the inside wall of your living space through the wall to the outside air. Regardless of what you have installed now in your home, whether it is an old-style, traditional wood-burning fireplace, you can have one of these modern units installed. These units operate through a sealed combustion system with a firebox that receives air from the outside. The system delivers heated air in a highly efficient manner to the indoor living area and keeps this air free from contamination from the exhaust which is transported to the outside air.

There are also standalone propane gas stove units available that operate in a highly efficient manner. This is another option you may consider when it comes to propane or liquid petroleum powered heating units.

A variety of options are available when it comes to the installation of a propane gas fireplace . The venting construction can consist of flexible rigid pipes that route through the wall of the room to the outside. Flexible pipes give you the ability to route around obstacles in a convenient manner. Venting may be placed at a 45 degree angle from the top rear of the unit in order to create a highly efficient route for the exhaust to travel to the outside.

These units, which, in multiple styles and colors, can be installed in various rooms within the home while adding another feature that elevates the quality of your interior décor.

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