Professional Restoration and Rug Cleaning in Wichita, KS

There are many challenges when restoring your home after a flood or fire. One of the most challenging surfaces to repair can be carpeting. The key to restoring your carpet is fast response as well as proven methods of extracting water and removing dirt and odors.

If you’ve had a flood, water as well as debris will settle into your carpet. However, even if your home has been inundated with water, once the water recedes, your carpet can be restored. In addition, if you’ve had a fire, you’ll have the added problem of a smoky smell that can permeate the carpet. Once again, with the proper care, your carpet can be restored so that you won’t have to deal with the expense of replacing your carpets completely.

Fortunately, flood and fire restoration services, like Stover’s Restoration, has proven methods for restoring your carpet even with significant flood and fire damage. The first step is going to be to extract all the standing water in and under the carpet. Even though this may seem like the most destructive part of a flood or fire, it’s perhaps one of the easiest initial steps in restoring your carpet. With industrial strength water extraction systems, the water can be removed from your carpet effectively.

The next step is to dry out the carpet. Not only does the top surface of the carpet need to be dried, the carpet will need to be pulled up in certain areas. By exposing the underside of the carpet to fans, heaters and humidity extractors this will not only dry the top surface of the carpet, but it will also dry the carpet backing, the padding as well as the floor underneath the carpeting.

Once the carpeted surfaces have been dried completely, the carpet can be laid back down and comprehensive carpet cleaning will then take place. In addition, if there is any odor from smoke captured in the carpet, deodorizing chemicals can be used at this time to remove these odors and give your carpet a fresh scent.

Whether it’s restoration services or rug cleaning in Wichita, KS, restoration services are what you’ll need after a flood or fire. With fast response and trained professionals, your carpet can look like new regardless of how extensive the damage may be.

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