Professional Landscape Design and Services in Surprise, Arizona

Native Landscape Design

The state of Arizona, with its dry environment, has some of the warmest temperatures in the United States of America. This region is characterized by deserts, which have a diverse range of plants that can tolerate extreme circumstances. You can ask for native plants when you hire landscape design services in Surprise, AZ. Saguaro, Christmas cholla, pencil cholla, and staghorn cholla are some of the state’s natural cactus species. During the blooming seasons, several of these tough plants produce lovely flowers. Parry’s agave and Palmer’s century plant are two typical succulents that grow naturally in the region. Professional landscape design services in Surprise, AZ could also add native grass to your lawn or garden, including the blue grama and Arizona cottontop.

Landscape Maintenance Services

When hiring professional landscape design services in Surprise, AZ, you could set up a maintenance plan at affordable prices. The company should properly irrigate and cultivate your garden at designated intervals that focus on the needs of your specific plants. For example, compatible fertilizers must be added periodically to optimize the growth of new plants on your property. Of course, the irrigation system should be properly set up for efficient operation in the summer season. Some of the most sensitive plants should be hidden in shaded areas closer to the walls of homes and structures. Additionally, sprinkler systems should be programmed to operate early in the morning in order to prevent premature evaporation of water.

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