Professional Chimney And Fireplace Repair In Columbus OH

Your home fireplace keeps you and your family warm during winter, which is why it pays to have it in good shape at all times. Finding a professional who is certified to perform routine Fireplace Repair in Columbus OH can determine your level of comfort and dictate how clean your home breathing air is. In addition to offering advice on the options available to you, the contractor you hire should provide a free estimate of what the repairs to your fireplace will cost and also provide free inspection.

Expert chimney sweeping and cleaning is an important part of fireplace maintenance, as it ensures that soot, ash and other debris in your chimney are not recycled into your home air, causing your family respiratory problems. Branches and leaved can also get lodged inside the chimney, creating a real fire hazard or preventing smoke in the fireplace from being freely ejected from the house. Fireplace contractors can inspect the state of your chimney in order to remove other common obstructions such as bird nests. If your home is prone to rodent infestations, a chimney cap or an animal guard can be installed to prevent rats and possums from finding their way into the fireplace.

The type of Fireplace Repair in Columbus OH you get largely depends on the design of your fireplace. Coal and wood burning furnaces will need different repairs from fireplaces that use electricity or gas. Brick fireplaces are prone to water damage, so brick relining and waterproofing may be necessary in order to keep it from flaking. If your fireplace loses a lot of heat, relining it with energy saving fireplace dampers can make it more efficient, making your home warmer and cozier. Brick fireplaces sometimes need to be rebuilt and covered with precast crowns so as to strengthen their walls.

Hiring a heating contractor who is experienced in relining and cleaning chimneys can save your fireplace from irreparable damage. Water condensation problems must also be addressed during a repair session if your chimney is to stand up to the rainy season without substantial damage. If you have a Custom Home and Hearth, you will also need an experienced and professional chimney inspector to service it at least once a year.

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