Professional AC Repair in Leesburg, GA

It is devastating when your AC unit breaks. Instead of coming home to a nice cool home, your home feels humid and hot. You cannot enjoy a casual dinner or a movie night with the children. HVAC companies offer premium air conditioning repair services. When your air conditioning unit breaks, it is easy to recognize that you need AC repair in Leesburg, GA. But how do you know your air conditioning unit is on the brink of breaking? What are the signs an AC unit is not functioning properly? Here are the top three signs that you require AC repair:

  1. No Cool Air

When your AC unit stops blowing cool air, it is obvious it needs to be repaired. Your AC unit can still turn on, but it is not producing very cold air. The AC professional will inspect the compressor, coils, and freon levels.

  1. Odd Noises and Smells

Air conditioners are not silent. They will produce a low humming noise in the background. However, they do not squeal, bang, knock, or grind. If your AC makes any of these noises, you should call for an AC Repair in Leesburg, GA. Likewise, air conditioning units should not smell. If you notice a strange smell, you need to shut off the AC unit and call a professional. Odd smells can indicate mold. You do not want to push mold spores into your home as it can greatly affect the air quality.

  1. High Electric Bills

Every year you prepare to pay extra cooling costs in the summertime and heating costs during the winter months. You know what the average monthly costs are even when there are slight cost increases. When your monthly electricity costs jump, it may be a sign your ac unit is not functioning properly. Your AC unit may be producing cool air but is using too much electricity. An HVAC professional will inspect and service your unit.