Product Testing Facilities: Why Accreditation is Necessary for Different Industries

Accreditation is an assessment to ensure laboratories in different industries meet international standards. Laboratory accreditation gives the go-ahead to carry out normal functions.

Industries that want their products in the global market must abide by new requirements for quality product delivery. The ultimate goal is to penetrate the export industry.

Still, there is a need to meet the customers’ requirements in various sectors. These areas include services in calibration, capacity testing and medical testing.

A NABL accredited lab makes consumers confident about its services. So, what are the benefits of accreditation?

Advantages of Accreditation for Testing Labs

Getting a stamp of approval has many perks. Whether the industry deals with medical equipment or valve testing, following the set rules is vital. Here’s why:

• Products get international recognition
• Industries have unlimited access to the global market
• Accreditation saves time and money
• Industries make continual improvements
• Elimination of losses because of defects
• Delivery of reliable and accurate results
• Reduction of costs
• Improved operational control

The benefits are enough proof that NABL accreditation is necessary. In fact, accreditation is necessary in mechanical, electrical, biological, fluid-flow and thermal fields. For an industry to become fully compliant, they must follow a list of requirements.

NABL Implementation Requirements

• The roles and responsibilities of lab management must be clear
• All testing must follow the laid down standards
• The integrity of data should remain untouched
• All tasks must follow written procedures
• Employees must qualify for their assigned jobs
• Analytical processes must undergo sampling and testing

NABL accreditation occurs more than once. It’s an annual activity that ensures everything is in check, from manufacture to sale. Industries should apply for NABL accreditation. After all, incorporating it into existing systems is seamless and hassle-free.

If there is a worry about passing the compliance test, various programs exist. These programs ensure industries meet the set standards. Throughout the process, industries compare products’ performance, boosting quality production. Accreditation is more about quality assurance, which benefits industries and consumers.