Problems with Loading Your Own Ammo

Are you an avid shooter that goes through a lot of ammo in a month’s time? If so, this can get expensive depending on the type of ammunition you use. In fact, you may consider making your own hard cast lead bullets. However, bullet making is not the same thing as reloading shotgun shells, and there are several problems you should think about before you take on this task. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Not Enough Gun Powder

It’s very important to carefully weigh your gunpowder. In fact, some shooters try to save on powder when they hard cast lead bullets and create special ammo for target practice. It seems like a good idea, but if your ammo doesn’t have enough powder, you could end up with a squib load stuck in your barrel.

Squib rounds are bullets lodged in a gun barrel. This happens when there’s not enough powder to eject the round from the barrel. Squib loads are dangerous because the shooter has no idea the round is still inside the barrel. If you fire another round with one stuck inside you could seriously damage your weapon, or it might explode causing major injuries.

Problems with Casting Lead

Companies that manufacture hard cast lead bullets have the right equipment for the job. Their workers have proper training, and they know which safety precautions to take. This is extremely important because the casting process can create toxic fumes or particles that can cause a health hazard.

Gunpowder Storage

If you plan to load your own hard cast lead bullets, you’ll need a safe place to store your gunpowder and other materials. Since gunpowder is highly explosive, it presents a fire and explosion hazard when not properly cared for. These are only a few of the potential dangers that you face when you load your own ammo.

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