Pro Sports Teams Provide Inspiration for Holiday Shopping

Shopping for a man for the Holidays is not an easy task. He can only use so many flashlights and wallets. The only solution for some people for the ever-growing gift stash is to have a garage sale every couple of years. Somewhere in every department store is a section called, “Sportswear.” There’s one in the men’s department and one in the women’s department. This term doesn’t necessarily mean, “worn for sports.” It covers a wide range of clothing items, not the least of which is “worn to watch sports,” or in other words, “fan wear!”

He’ll Feel Like a Million Bucks

You certainly don’t have to get him a custom football uniform—unless you want to, that is. Last year, in 2013, there were a couple of trends that made a splash on the men’s fashion scene. One was the baseball uniform top. These are still popular. Shirts made in high tech fabrics with pipe designs, mimicking the pro teams’ uniforms, were a huge hit. Maybe if he wears the clothes, he can imagine he’s making their salary! The hockey sweater was a big fad in 2013 as well. Here’s a hint, these over-sized, tunic length sweaters make for great snuggle-wear if you ever want to borrow something of your man’s to keep you warm.

World Cup Craze

If you didn’t get drawn in to the 2014 World Cup hype you must have been living under a rock. International sports wear companies, like Adidas and Nike, came out with World Cup clothing lines to capitalize on the excitement and unifying force of the event.

Football Frenzy

And if you’re from the Midwestern United States, you know that football season is now upon us. More inspiration for the clothing makers and Holiday shoppers! You will find shoes, shirts, jackets and sweatshirts with logos from the Cowboys, the Steelers, the Colts, and every other NFL team in the league. Your man’s favorite is bound to be out there waiting for you, for a price!


2014 also brings with it new and different designs for sports team uniforms. Something that is bound to catch up in the fan wear department soon is the Derek Jeter patch, as well as the gold patches worn by the NBA players representing their championship seasons.

The mastermind behind the new designs for the NFL is Nike, Majestic Athletic Co. sewed it up for Major League Baseball, and Adidas dressed the NBA this year.

Whether you’re a fan, an athlete, or shopping for your man, now is a great time to get an off the rack or a custom football uniform, soccer or basketball jersey or hockey sweater.

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