Printers in NYC NY and Marketing at Craft Fairs

When did you decide to start turning your hobby into a career? Perhaps, you have always loved pottery, and you knew that you could capture people’s attention with your designs and color choices. However, after going to many craft fairs, you were hit with how important it is to directly-market as a sea of people missed your booth. Listen, top-craft fairs draw in large number of people. Further, those people are there to shop and purchase. However, they will miss your booth if it is not on-target with your information. That is why the right marketing plan is so vital. Further, you will encourage more sales and growth by following the right plan for success. The first thing you will need to do is find out about printers in NYC.

You need to have posters placed on your table that reflect who you are as an artist. By doing this, you will give greater meaning to each piece you market. For example, you could have a picture of you working with your pottery wheel and a few sentences that state why your designs are out of the ordinary. Next, you will need another poster that states what your prices are. By doing this, no one has to ask you or pick something up to look for a tag. In fact, you will come across as more professional. Further, if there is a gathering around your table, your posters can talk for you. Thus, you do not constantly have to reach out to answers questions while people become frustrated. In fact, frustrated people may simply walk over to the next booth.

By having a well-organized marketing campaign at the craft fair, you will spend more time packing your pottery and building your business. Further, you should also leave a business card on the table and with each piece of pottery that you package for your customers. The business card should reflect your website where they can order more pieces from you.

Do you know where to find the best printers in NYC? You will go to Printing Express. Next, you will tell the consultant what you want your posters and business cards to say.

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