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There are many factors that determine the quality of sleep. Sleep is needed, so well that you dream and wake up refreshed, rested and energized. Physical activity during the day, schedules, meals, what you drink, what is done before bedtime, medications taken, age, problems -; all of these can alter quality of sleep, especially in a child. To avoid this, you can follow the recommendations set out below by your local Primary Care Doctor in San Diego:

* Daily Physical Activity: it is good to do some physical activity during the day to ensure you sleep well at night. It is best done before dinner, but not before bedtime. This is because the mobilized energy will keep you awake for several hours. Your body must be allowed time to cool down.

* Hours: get up and go to sleep at the same time every day, including holidays. If you stay in bed longer than usual when you’ve slept badly, it can make it worse the next night.

* Environmental conditions: the body produces a hormone, called melatonin, which induces sleep. But this only happens if there is light in the room. So you have to turn the light on when you lie down. And finally, the sheets and mattress should provide the necessary comfort.

* Routines: it’s good to relax, which means avoiding intellectual activity and using a dim light so that melatonin begins to work. The first signs of sleep are yawning, rapid blinking and dry eyes.

* The bed is only used for sleeping: neither read or watch TV or work on the computer.

* Food: dinner should be light and made at least one hour before bedtime. Simple dishes are the best, avoiding stews, spicy or greasy foods, fried foods, etc.

* Caffeine: Drinking caffeine after 3pm can alter not only the ability to fall sleep, but also the quality. Coffee, tea, vitamin C and other exciting substances may slow sleep or generate insomnia.

* Naps: your Primary Care Doctor in San Diego state that naps are good, but only if they do not exceed 20-30 minutes.

Sleep is important, so make sure you follow the necessary steps. Lack of sleep can affect a child’s body in more ways than one. For more information, contact the Children’s Physicians Medical Group. or visit our website today.

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