Price vs. Quality: Selecting the Best Artificial Flowers for Your Needs

When it comes to silk flowers, there is no question that the price and craftsmanship varies greatly. The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies to this situation since the more you are willing to pay for your silk stem, the higher quality product you are bound to receive.

Even though they are collectively referred to as silk flowers, artificial foliage, plants and flowers can be created from a number of different materials. For example, you can find ones crafted from latex, velvet, parchment, polyester, silk and ones that have special finishing treatments and coatings. When it comes down to it, there is something that will suit anyone’s tastes and their design ideas. You will have a ton of choices all year long when you purchase silk flowers for your Artificial Flower Arrangements.

When you find stems in the low price range, you may only have options with a single blossom and no more. There may be others with a number of blossoms, but few leaves attached. The stems are typically created from molded plastic and there are usually no wire inserts in the petals, leaves, stems or branches to help in shaping the arrangement you want to create.

The artificial flower options that are available in this price range are usually from eight to 12 inches with the cost per stem typically being one dollar or less. In most cases, these types of flowers are readily available in department or variety stores. While they are acceptable for arrangements, they also lack workability and realism.

When you are willing to spend a little bit more, you can purchase realistic reproductions. Most of the higher end artificial flowers feature wired branches, leaves and petals. You will have the ability to shape and bend them so they appear real. Some options have stems that are over two feet long and the stems are usually hand wrapped with a natural looking floral tape. The higher end artificial flowers are typically found in floral shops and craft stores.

The bottom line is having choices is nice. It will allow you to find the ideal artificial stems for your arrangements and love the outcome you receive. Take time to experiment with different types and styles until you discover a type of artificial flower that works well for the look that you want to achieve.

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