Preventing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most common skin cancers, with melanoma in the top three. Even though most skin cancers are highly curable, melanoma is amongst the most dangerous.

There are many factors for predisposition to skin cancer, such as hereditary traits, your skin tone, how it affects to the sun (such as easily sunburned) and how often you tan and/or sunburn. With all cancers, prevention is better than having cancer and trying to cure it. Here are some tips that a Dermatologist in Costa Mesa would recommend to preventing skin cancer:

Avoid the sun during the strongest part of the day. This usually is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. At this point during the day, especially in summer months, the UV rays are most potent, leading to sunburn and harmful damage. Do not be fooled by a cloudy or winter day, however. The sun still penetrates the weak ozone layer, causing UV rays to hit the Earth. Hang out in the shade, if you can.

If you must go out, wear sunscreen and protective clothing. If you anticipate being out for an extended amount of time, there are certain clothing that can reflect the UV rays or add a layer of SPF to your skin. UV rays can penetrate thin clothing. Also, wear a wide-brim hat to protect your eyes and face.

Sunscreen with SPF is the most important part to saving your skin from cancer, and this rule should be followed year-round. There is much debate on how high a SPF you need, but anywhere from 15 to 45 is a good range. Make sure to reapply often, as sweat and activity wipes away the effectiveness of the lotion. If you need something more potent or want specific recommendations, especially for skin that already has problems, contact your Dermatologist in Costa Mesa for a prescription.

Avoid tanning beds- Organisations have spoken out against the use of indoor tanning and tanning beds, while emits direct UV rays onto the skin for the purpose of tanning. Some tanning companies won’t allow the use of sunscreen with SPF in it while using these beds. By doing this, it is similar to standing out during midday without sunscreen on for an extended period of time.

Check skin regularly- Especially if your family has a history of skin cancers, this step is most important. When you see irregularity in a mole or other skin areas or areas that have changed over time and have become irregular, raised or discoloured, it might be time to make an appointment with a Dermatologist Costa Mesa.

Prevention is a key part of curing and eliminating skin cancers and your Dermatologist can aid you in this quest.

Dr. Mehdi Derambakhsh provides skin cancer prevention, screenings, biopsies, and preventative care to those in Southern California. For more information, visit Deram Dermatology online.

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