Preserving Your Yard During Major Plumbing Repairs

Do you know that your main sewer lines will soon need to be repaired? If you are facing a major plumbing project, you may be concerned about what this process will do to your yard. In years past, sewer line repair or replacement often led to severely disrupted yards and landscaping. Fortunately, there are modern methods, such as trenchless pipe installation in Peachtree City, that you can use to help preserve and protect your yard.

Consider the Role of Roots

When planning to shield your yard, do keep in mind that some digging may be required if your sewer problems have been caused by root growth. In some cases, overgrown roots might damage or even collapse main sewer lines, thus requiring extensive repairs. A professional can evaluate the situation and explain the degree of excavation that will be necessary to fix the problem.

Ask About Trenchless Pipe Installation

While some digging might be required to solve root damage, you may find that your sewer line can largely be repaired through trenchless pipe installation in Peachtree City. This method normally involves the use of a high-quality resin to line your old or damaged pipes and make them work like new again. The trenchless method is generally affordable, effective and likely to work well for many years to come.

Prioritize Important Elements

There may be certain areas of your yard and grounds that you especially want to preserve. Perhaps your existing sewer line runs beneath landscaping features such as shrubberies or gardens. Sewer pipes may even be underneath porches, driveways, and sidewalks. When contacting a sewer repair professional, make sure to identify areas of your property that you hope to keep in good condition during the repair process.

If you are worried about keeping your yard safe during major sewer line repairs, an expert should be able to work with you to find the ideal solution. Trenchless pipe installation in Peachtree City may allow for repairs that will cause minimal harm to your yard and property. Visit website for more details.

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