Preparing Your Dog for Home-Based Pet Grooming Olathe KS at Home

Your dog is a part of your family. Like other members of your family, it’s important for your pet to be properly groomed. Pet Grooming Olathe KS allows you to enhance your dog’s appearance, make him more comfortable, improve his health, and contribute to his overall well-being. If a dog is not prepared, comprehensive grooming can be stressful and even traumatic. Use the following tips to make this procedure productive and calm for your dog.

Dogs require daily grooming regardless of their size, weight, health conditions, or gender. Establishing a daily and monthly routine for your dog can help you check for skin diseases, reduce parasite infestation, and bond with your dog. Start when your dog is a puppy. When your puppy is about six months old, get him used to the grooming tools that will be used throughout his life. Some of these include a curry brush, scissors, clippers, shedding blade, and rakes. Start bathing your dog once a week unless his skin shows signs of dryness. Don’t make your dog’s first bath a complete bathing job. Instead, get your puppy used to being in water. Put him in a few inches of water or in a large bowl. Gradually increase the amount of water until it’s up past his legs. When he is a few months old, move him to a bathtub or special bathing container.

Get your puppy used to being handled like you will be when you groom him on a regular basis. After he is rested and fed, may him down and massage his body. Be gentle and stop if he resists at first. Place grooming tools where you dog sleeps and eats. This will make these utensils a part of his daily environment. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to brush him for the first time. Let him sniff it as this acquaints the dog with it. Progress to longer periods with the toothbrush until you graduate to the actual grooming tools.

Preparing your puppy for home-based Pet Grooming Olathe KS will enable you to make this experience enjoyable for both you and your dog. For information on pet grooming services and veterinary services, please talk to an expert at Falcon Valley Animal Hospital. This practice can handle many dog-related services including pet grooming, vaccinations, well care, and emergency care.

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