Preparing to See a New Dentist in West Covina

Do you have an upcoming visit with a new dentist? Getting the needed preventive, and restorative oral care you need can optimize your dental health. Being able to use cosmetic dentistry can improve your looks and self-confidence. To have a productive and comfortable first visit, learn how to prepare for your initial appointment. Use the following suggestions to do this.

Before you see your new Dentist in West Covina, make sure the dental practice has all the necessary information to process your insurance claims, make your patient file, and review your dental information. Ensure that you completely and accurately fill out all patient forms. You will be asked to provide information about your dental and medical histories. List all known allergens, especially ones like latex and penicillin. This will help you from coming into contact with these substances. Use a yellow or orange highlighter to bring attention to potentially lethal allergens such as peanuts. Call the office of your new dentist to find out the procedures for getting and returning these forms. You can usually bring take them in yourself.

When you return patient forms, also give the office staff your insurance card so they can make a copy of it. Many dental practices reauthorize certain procedures. You should be given an estimation that details the portion of the services you are responsible for paying. This estimation should not be considered proof of coverage for dental services you receive.

Your new Dentist in West Covina may want to look at your dental records before your first visit. You can have them faxed to the dentist’s office or take them yourself. When you pick them up in person from your old dentist, you may be charged a fee for the copies. You can stipulate which portions of your dental records are sent to your new dentist. While privacy may be a concern, don’t let it keep you from giving the dentist all necessary information. Dental personnel is very discreet to protect the confidentiality of patients.

Getting ready to see a new dentist like the ones at West Covina Family Dentistry will enable you to enjoy greater oral health. To help this happen, it’s advisable to learn your new dentist’s protocol for delivering important information such as dental records, patient documents, and insurance details. Doing this will help you get the comprehensive oral care you need


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