Preparing for Your Year End Corporate Recognition Awards

Your yearly recognition ceremony is definitely a big deal, and deserves plenty of attention to ensure its success. This is generally the time of year when a company celebrates its success and recognizes the people who were instrumental in bringing that success. If you want to make this year’s celebration extra special, here are some tips to change things up a little.

  1. Have a theme – Give this year’s corporate recognition awards evening a little flair by having a theme. Popular themes include Hollywood, Las Vegas, Back to the Future or the Roaring 20’s. Choose your theme first, and ensure the rest of your details reflect this overall idea. Having a theme can make it much easier to choose decorations, invitations, and even the menu.
  2. Provide entertainment. If your normal awards celebration means an evening spent listening to the CEO give a speech, try changing things up with a some live entertainment this year. Choose from a comedian, hypnotist or a live band and dance floor. Just tell the CEO he has to cut his speech a little short this year.
  3. Go the extra mile with the food. Many awards banquets stick with the same menu year after year. If this sounds like your company, change it up this year and offer your guests something new. Consider your theme when you choose your menu.
  4. Create a custom award. The recognition awards given out at your corporate recognition ceremony are the only takeaways your winners will have from their evening of recognition, so it’s important to make these special. Take the time to design an award that is beautiful and impressive to look at and that is in keeping with your company’s mission and values. Work with an award and trophy company that offers wide choices in design and that allows you to create an award that will be unique.
  5. Be sure to plan well in advance. Your award ceremony is only a success if you have good attendance. Be sure to announce the date in time to ensure good attendance, and remind employees regularly once the date is set.

With a little attention and creativity, you can make changes to your corporate recognition awards evening that will bring the excitement back to this important event. Your employees will notice the changes, and will be appreciative of the time you took to breathe new life into an annual tradition.

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