Preparing for Carpet & Rug Installation in Bedford Hills NY

Whether updating a simple room or doing a large renovation, there are some things that should be done to prepare for a successful carpet or Rug Installation in Bedford Hills NY. There are a few details that are involved in the prep process. These should be done for pretty much any type of flooring installation, including laminate, vinyl, rugs, and carpet.

Clear Out Furniture

Move any furniture out of the room. The sooner this is done, the better. Some flooring contractors will take care of this for the homeowner, but be sure and discuss this before the install. Otherwise, expect delays.

Remove Breakables

The priority is the large, heavy furniture. However, don’t forget about any delicate items. This includes things on the walls like artwork and even electronics. These can be bumped and damaged during the installation process.

Take Curtains Down

Many don’t think about their curtains but to keep them from getting dirty or damaged, it is best to take them down for this project. Floor length curtains can be a safety hazard.

Clean the Current Floor

A quick clean keeps everything on track. If the current flooring is carpet, taking the time to vacuum first will reduce the amount of dust and dirt that is flying around, minimizing cleanup later.

Adjust the Thermostat

For the comfort of the installation team as well as to protect the materials, the indoor temperature should be around 68 degrees F. Also, make sure that there is adequate ventilation. Sometimes strong-smelling adhesives can be used, and it is good to have fresh air coming in.

Gas & Water Lines

If there are any gas or water lines running underneath the floor that is being worked on, always tell the installer where they are located. This is to keep everyone safe. Also, if there are any areas that are damaged, point these out too.

Confirm the Specific Details

On installation day, take a few minutes when the team arrives to review the specific details one more time. Confirm the size of the room, the color, and pattern of the material. It is better to be certain everything is going to be just right before the work begins.

By following these tips, the installation process should go smoothly and result in a beautiful new floor. For Rug Installation in Bedford Hills NY, contact Redi-Cut Carpets & Rugs, they have been around for almost 40 years. Visit the website

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