Pre-Owned Vs. New: Which is Better?

When you are buying a car you have two choices, either new or used. Many people buy pre-owned cars in Alsip and other areas all the time, and many choose to buy new instead, but which one is the better option?

New Cars

A new car is going to come with a warranty and in many cases either low or no interest. There is also the bonus of it being a brand new car which means there is not going to be any surprises later on when you find something hidden behind the glove box or that the carpet in the rear has come up. With a new car, you know everything is going to be right and if it is not then it is covered.

The downside to buying new is the immediate depreciation. Many people irritably ask why their car loses so much value the moment they drive it off of the lot, but the answer is actually quite simple. One it leaves the dealership it is technically a used car, and the value will reflect that. Now, to determine if this depreciation is worth it you have to consider your interest savings and any money you save by having a warranty.


When you buy a pre-owned car, you are going to pay less than you would for a new one, this is just a fact. If you compare two identical cars except one is new, and one is used the used one will be cheaper. Do not take these savings at face value, however, since you will also wind up paying more for a used car. If it is more than n a few years old, there is also the chance that there is no warranty on it unless the dealership includes one. This means that is anything goes wrong with it then you will be paying out of pocket for the repairs.

Whether you go with a new or pre-owned car is up to you. In most cases, you will pay less buying a used car, but between the lower interest and warranty, new cars can often come close to their late model competition when it comes to value.

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