Power Washing Your Deck

A wood deck makes a beautiful addition to any home but like anything else which is subjected to the weather day in and day out, it requires maintenance. Periodically a wood deck will require resealing but not on an ongoing basis, however, deck cleaning in Columbia MD is an ongoing task. Certainly the deck can be swept everyday of dust and loose debris but dirt and grime will get ground in and this takes a little more than a broom and a garden hose, this task is best done with a high pressure washer.

Although a high pressure washer does a great job, it can also harm the deck if it is not used correctly. The uninitiated user may think that the higher the pressure the better, this is true for some surfaces but not a wood deck.

A pressure washer can develop a tremendous amount of pressure, certainly enough to etch brick, it can also be gentle enough to wash the siding on the house. Some pressure washers can develop up to 4,000 PSI of pressure, others are limited to perhaps 1,200 PSI. For residential use, the homeowner will usually opt for one which produces ample pressure but there is no need for one that will strip paint; 1,200 to 2,000 PSI is more than enough for deck cleaning in Columbia MD.

A pressure washer is ideal for cleaning a deck but it must be done with care. If the machine is used incorrectly, it takes no time at all to permanently etch the wood, destroying the deck surface which will necessitate a complete replacement or a lot of sanding and refinishing work.

As pressure washers and the tips that they can be fitted with are very versatile, it is important to understand how to go about various cleaning tasks, in the case of cleaning a deck professionals in this business make recommendations, you may want to consider following these tips from the pros.

* The pressure for soft wood should be far less than the pressure for hardwood. For softwood, 500-600 PSI is suggested, for hardwood boosting the pressure to 1,200-1,500 is fine.

* Start the cleaning with the tip about 24” away from the surface and then feather it to about 12-18” once you see the first results.

* Before you start, make a test on an inconspicuous area of the deck.

With a little time and with the use of a fanning technique, your deck will look as good as the day it was finished.

Professional deck cleaning in Columbia MD is available from Mr. Clean Power Washing. Knowing the right technique and having the proper equipment allows Mr. Clean to clean your deck perfectly.

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