Power Inductor and Prototyping

A power inductor is an electronic component the stores and receives electrical energy through a magnetic field. The typical field where it works is made up of tightly coiled copper wires or other suitable types of electrical wires.

Uses and Applications
The primary use of power inductor is to sustain a constant current inside an electrical circuit that is manifesting an inconsistent current and/or voltage.

In many applications, power inductors work in tandem with power capacitors. These capacitors provide resistance to the directed or applied current. Oftentimes, more than one inductor is used to produce the power transformers that are used in electrical systems.

Each type of power inductor can be distinguished by the way in which its coils are wound and the type of central magnetic core it has. There are inductors which have air coils. They may lack a magnetic core but they still have a non-magnetic core that serves as their physical core.

These are specially designed and specially produced electrical components. They have to be made in the right sizes and specifications. Most modern manufacturers are using the prototyping method of producing power inductors.

With prototyping, the final product will be faithful to its design and specification. Since the power inductor is designed to operate in higher frequencies, their components must be produced accurately in terms of size and materials.

Why Prototyping is Important
Prototyping not only ensures that the final product is faithful to its original concept but it also enables the manufacturer to produce whatever quantity of the product is required without compromising the accuracy of their sizes and specifications.

This is made possible by using prototyping and production machines that are computer controlled. There is very limited human intervention in the production of modern power inductors.

Power Inductor Manufacturers
Highly capable and experienced companies that provide power inductor manufacturing understand what it takes to deliver these products to market efficiently and on-time. They employ comprehensive and reliable production processes to satisfy the demands of customers. If you require power inductors, contact a reputable supplier or manufacturer to learn how they can meet your requirements.

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