Potential Pros and Cons of Having a Garbage Disposal in Monroe, NY

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Plumbing

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A garbage disposal is a handy convenience that’s present in some kitchens but not others. Determining whether to put a garbage disposal in your kitchen requires carefully considering the potential pros and cons of having a Garbage Disposal in Monroe NY.

Potential Benefits

The benefits of having a disposal are relatively well known — it’s an easy way to dispose of food waste that makes it simpler to do the dishes. There’s less of a need to store stinky food waste in the trash until trash day, and it’s less likely the sink will get clogged. It isn’t necessary to catch every little food scrap in the sink before it goes down the drain and throw the scraps in the trash.

Potential Considerations

The problem with garbage disposals is that they can’t handle all types of food and do best with small bits of food waste rather than large pieces. Putting things like meat, foods that expand in water, grease, seafood, metal, or coffee grounds in the disposal could lead to clogs or even the disposal breaking. Should any part of the disposal break, the whole thing often needs to be replaced.

Environmental Considerations

People who are trying to be more environmentally friendly note that having a garbage disposal means wasting more water, as water needs to be running while using the garbage disposal. Composting is a more environmentally friendly way to get rid of any food scraps a person may have, and more food items can be composted than those that can go down the drain, although meats and grease still need to be disposed of in other ways.

Minimizing Problems

Don’t throw everything but the kitchen sink in the garbage disposal, and don’t install one without first checking to see whether it can work with the sewer or septic system the home is connected to. Running the disposal with cold water and dish soap can help to clean it, and grinding up a small amount of citrus peel can help to minimize any smells that can occur with a Garbage Disposal in Monroe NY. With proper care, a garbage disposal can last for up to 10 years.

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