Possible Uses For Commercial Portable Sinks

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Plumbing and plumbers

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Portable sinks are a game changer for a number of commercial applications, allowing a number of functions to be conducted offsite and at a reasonable cost. The self-contained unit consists of a fresh water tank, a pump, an on-demand water heater, up to four basins, and a wastewater tank. Units can even be custom designed to fit all needs, from an elegant catering provider to an assisted living facility in need of shampooing resident’s hair. There are a lot of different industries that can benefit. Some examples include:

  • Portable bars and coffee carts
  • Food service kitchens for catering companies
  • Science classes and laboratories
  • Assisted living and care homes
  • Mobile and in-store beauty parlors or barber shops
  • Camping and festivals
  • Childcare and adult daycare
  • Construction sites
  • Remodeling companies
  • Landscapers

Wash Your Hands!
One of the most important uses of a sink is for washing hands. Even if you are not in food service or catering, washing hands is a proven method of preventing the spread of disease. From influenza to norovirus, or food borne illnesses, nothing knocks down germs like soap and hot water. Deploying a commercial portable sink, coupled with proper handwashing technique, will help reduce the incidence of disease, keeping you, your workforce, and your clients healthy. Remember, hand sanitizer may clean hands but it does not get rid of some really nasty bugs like norovirus. Soap and water rinse them right off!

Your Ideas
Any business can profit from creating a custom sink solution. From multiple basins to wood cabinetry, wyour unique look, style, and needs can produce a custom solution that is perfect for you. Rent to get a feel for what the units are like, and then buy a premade unit – or create one of your very own. Once you take your unit along to a location, you’ll wonder why you did not purchase one earlier!

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