Possible problems with a fireplace flue

The most important component of any fireplace is the flue. The flue is that part of a chimney that allows smoke, gasses and excess heat to escape from the hearth into the atmosphere. There are a number of potential problems with a flue and in full recognition of this the flue should be maintained and if necessary a technician skilled in chimney repair in Worthington OH must be called in to restore the flue, ensuring that the fireplace operates safely and efficiently.

There are a number of potential problems with a fireplace flue:

Creosote buildup: A great number of problems with any fireplace can be the result of a buildup of creosote. An accepted general rule is that a thorough fireplace cleaning and inspection should take place annually; this will remove the buildup of creosote and soot. Creosote is an oily residue that comes from the burning of wood of wood, especially soft wood such as pine in the fireplace. In the event you notice that your fireplace is smoking or there is a peculiar odor in the room it is probably caused by an accumulation of creosote. An annual cleaning will help prevent these unpleasant effects and prevent dangerous flue fires.

Cracks: The flue of the fireplace is subjected to tremendous heat and then cooling, these extremes can cause the flue liner to crack and eventually a total deterioration of the liner. A professional in chimney repair in Worthington OH can solve this problem.

Condensation: A combination of moisture that can form in the flue along with byproducts from the fire can form an acid which will eat into the bricks and mortar of the chimney. Moisture of course can come from rain and snow but it also come from water vapor that results from burning fuel. Wood should be dry before be used in a fireplace, wet wood increases the formation of water vapor.

Incorrect size: In the event the flue is oversize and poorly insulated it can take an inordinate amount of fuel to heat the home. If the flue size was miscalculated a chimney professional can install the correct size flue. If the problem is just the opposite and the flue is too small, the fireplace will smoke. This problem can also be rectified by a chimney professional.

Blockage: During the off season when the fireplace is not being used it can easily become blocked by birds’ nests, falling bricks, leaves and other airborne debris. This blockage will be cleared during the annual cleaning.

It is extremely important that your chimney is in good working order otherwise you may be faced with a number of unpleasant problems, including a dangerous fire. Chimney cleaning and chimney repair in Worthington OH are tasks best left to professionals. You are invited to contact Whempys Ductwork & Chimney Services.

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