Points to Consider Before Upgrading Residential Heating and Cooling in Reno

The cost of a replacement system for home Heating And Cooling in Reno is high enough that many customers choose to keep their current ductwork, and they ask the contractor to retrofit the new HVAC system accordingly. While this practice can help a homeowner save money, it also raises the below issues that must be considered before the system is replaced.

Why Keep the Current Ductwork?

Cost is the primary reason homeowners elect not to replace the ductwork with the system. Most contractors advise against this, and they point out that it makes no sense to pay for an energy-efficient system and use old, inefficient ductwork.

Getting the Ductwork Out of the Attic

Another big reason to replace the home’s ductwork is that part or all of it may be in the attic. This part of the house can undergo significant temperature shifts, and keeping the air at a constant temperature is difficult. Most experts believe the purchase of a new system for Heating And Cooling in Reno is the right time to remove attic ducts, as it can increase the system’s efficiency by as much as 30%.

A Mismatched System is an Inefficient One

If the home’s HVAC system is 15-20 years old, a new model could be up to 40% more efficient, depending on the rating of the chosen unit. If the air handler and the system’s other elements are chosen to match the home’s ductwork, retrofitting will only decrease the system’s overall efficiency. Furthermore, the new system’s lifespan may be affected because of poorly matched ductwork.

A Ductless System Can Save Money

The right answer may be a ductless HVAC unit. These systems can cost about 30% more than a traditional, ducted unit, but they eliminate a primary source of system inefficiency. Ductwork can develop cracks and leaks over time but, with a ductless system, it’s not an issue. Another good option is a mini-duct HVAC system with ductwork that’s about half as big as that in a traditional system. As these ducts work under higher pressure, they provide greater system efficiency and up to a 30% reduction in monthly heating or cooling bills.

While replacing an HVAC system is costly, it can be even more expensive to put the job off. When the home’s current unit can no longer do the job, call Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling to schedule an appointment.

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