Points to Consider Before Calling an Air Conditioning Contractor

If you have decided to make your environment more comfortable by adding air conditioning, you probably have a lot of questions about who to hire, what to purchase, and what to expect for pricing. Having a system installed by a professional is always a good solution and will make your home temperatures much more consistent and efficient than if you slip a small unit into the window. Here are some tips for getting the right system and the most for your money from your Air Conditioning Contractor.

You should understand that, just like with heating, keeping a home cool at an affordable price will rely on insulation. A home that is poorly insulated will cost more and be more difficult to keep at a comfortable temperature. Before you install an AC system, you may want to have your home inspected or upgrade the insulation.

The size of the system needed will depend on the square footage of the area being cooled. If you have a large home and do not use specific rooms often, or they are closed off except when guests visit or during the holidays, you may be able to reduce your costs by not adding these rooms in to your estimate. This may mean a smaller unit will be sufficient. However, be aware that if you change your mind and open up these rooms, the AC system you installed may not be adequate.

No system is maintenance-free. Your Air Conditioning Contractor will be happy to clean your cooling system every year prior to the start of the cooling season, but you should still remember to clean and change filters as needed. This will keep everything running efficiently and reduce the allergens that enter the home. Your contractor will explain how to do this, and how frequently it should be done, once the new system is installed.

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