Pointers for Remaining Safe While Living in off Campus Housing

One of the most important parts you can learn about adult life is the ability to protect yourself. Living in off-campus housing is a great time to prepare for the future by adopting the right habits to keep yourself safe. You won’t always have others around to look out for you, so you should be aware of what to do for yourself. Here are pointers that will help you remain safe.

Keep Your Apartment Secure

While at school, you come in and out of doors without having to secure them. Because you are out for a good portion of your day, you may continue with that habit once you are home. Or, you may lock the front door but forget to secure your bedroom also. Either way, this practice can set you up for problems in the future. To ensure that you and your valuables are safe within your Florida State off-campus housing, lock the entrances. Also, make sure that the repair team gives you notice before entering your home.

Stay Aware

Once you make friends in Florida State off-campus housing, you can start to relax in your environment. There are other students around that seem to be just like you. However, some of them can have bad manners you are not aware of. To remain safe, be careful who you share your schedule with, hide your passwords, and keep your valuables hidden. Park in well-lit areas with minimal bushes and have a friend with you when you go out at night.

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