Podiatry Care To Prevent Sports Injuries

If you enjoy playing sports, you are like many in the UK. However, it is necessary to prevent injuries by using podiatry care or else you could cause severe damage and pain to your feet or ankles. When you do notice pain or other problems, it is important to visit the podiatrist and listen to them as to how you can prevent those problems in the future.


The first thing you can do to prevent any sports injury is to wear the right shoes. Many people neglect their shoes and feet because they don’t see the problem or don’t have the money. However, it is essential to wear the proper footwear. Not all shoes are created equal, so it is important to try each pair on, walk around a little and ensure they will fit well and do what you require. You may also want to consider specific shoes for specific activities. For example, runners will want a running shoe, but if you prefer to walk or do step routines, you’ll want a walking shoe.

Efficient Training

While everyone has heard that to gain muscle mass and get to your goal you have to feel a little pain, it isn’t necessarily true and could hurt you. You shouldn’t experience pain with any of your movements. If you do, you are over training, which could harm your body even more and sabotage weight loss or hinder performance.


Stretching is an important step to prevent injuries, but it is also necessary to know how to stretch and when. Warming up and stretching are two different things, though both are important. When you warm up, you are getting the body ready for your activity, which can include walking for a few minutes and then jogging lightly. When you stretch, you lengthen the muscles, allowing them to elongate, so you don’t get cramps in the legs or feet.

Know When To Slow

No want wants to take time away from the game or their favourite activity, but if you are starting to feel discomfort or pain, you should be aware of it and let your coach know. If you enjoy doing sports on your own or with friends, you shouldn’t play through the pain, but should sit down, relax and feel better. If you start feeling better before the end, you can try and join back in to see if it comes back.

If you want to prevent sports injuries, you should consider podiatry care in your area. Visit Precise Podiatry today to learn about their tools and treatment options, what they treat and how they can help.

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