Plumbing Services That Can Save You Time and Money

Owning a home or a large piece of developed property is a wonderful investment. Real estate is one of the most stable long term ventures, but it is not without its risks. Some of the risks include weathering natural disasters and events such as heavy rains and flooding. Other disasters, including plumbing failure, might not be as frightening, but they can cause just as much damage. By allowing a Lincolnwood plumbing company to take care of your plumbing needs and maintenance, you can protect your real estate investment at least from potentially destructive plumbing emergencies. In some cases, you can even add to the value of your home by upgrading or replacing outdated plumbing fixtures.

Replacing Old With Better

It is estimated that the typical residential water heater should be replaced every 5 to 7 years. This is not necessarily to prevent a catastrophic failure, but to keep the hot water system efficient. City water, while safe to drink, has natural minerals that can build up over time in pipes. Long neglected plumbing fixtures often have visible hard water stains on them. While you may not be able to see these stains in your pipes or water heater, these minerals can completely coat the insides of plumbing, ruining both water pressure and hot water efficiency.

Having Hot Water Again

A Lincolnwood plumbing company – North Coast Sewer and Drainage can replace your compromised water heater and galvanized pipes with better, more efficient versions. There is almost nothing as disappointing as preparing for a warm or hot shower, only to find the hot water runs out before you are completely soaped up. If you do not know how old your water heater is, and you experience a dearth in hot water, it may be time to make an appointment with a plumber.

Upgrading to Copper Pipes

The same can be said for old galvanized pipes. Plumbers use copper piping now because of its superb resistance to both corrosion and hard water mineral buildup. If you have an older house, your plumbing might consist of galvanized steel pipes, which is not as good at resisting corrosion. This results in poor water pressure. It may seem like a big expense to replace your pipes, but it can make your home function more efficiently and increase its value.

Finding a Plumber You Can Trust

The first step to making your home plumbing more efficient is finding a reliable Lincolnwood plumbing company. It will do no good to upgrade your plumbing only to find out the plumber was dishonest and provided substandard work. Research plumbers in your area and choose one that is affordable, honest, and knows the trade.

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