Plumber`s Advice-Chlorine Alternatives You Can Use On Your Swimming Pool

Although chlorine is economical and has been used for many years to clean swimming pools, it comes with its own disadvantages. When chlorine is used in high quantities, it can lead to side effects like eye irritation and strong odor.

It is also important that you keep the PH of the swimming pool constant to reduce risks of these side effects. Many plumbers would recommend that you use chlorine alternatives because they have the same benefits with little or no side effects at all.

1. Some plumbers will recommend that you use bromine an alternative to chlorine. For those who understand chemistry, chlorine and bromine are non-metals and both known as halogens. That means they exhibit almost the same chemical properties. Bromine has the ability to kill bacteria and eliminates all the organic matter found on water. It can also break down oils and lotions in water. You can use brominates to add bromine to your swimming pool.

2.  Per sulfates are also used as chlorine alternatives. These chemicals have the ability to eliminate bacteria in the water and bathe waste. One major set-back with these chemicals is that the do no prevent the growth of algae around the pool. Per sulfates are simple to use because they come in tablets which dissolve in water. They are basically the best alternatives to use because they don’t have any odor and the effects last longer.

3. Polymeric iguanids is another alternative you can use instead of chloride. It is advisable that you avoid using these chemicals in pools that have already been treated with chlorine. And if you are to use it then ensure that the pool does not have any traces of chlorine. This is so because the two chemicals react and cannot be used in one swimming pool.

4. Although these alternatives come with a whole lot of benefits, it is important that you use small amounts of chlorine along with the compounds. This is so because chlorine has a high oxidation power and that means that it has the ability to eliminate organic matter. You can also use copper as an alternative to chlorine. Copper has the ability to kill bacteria and eliminates algae that grow around the swimming pool.

Always remember to filter your pool every day. When wastes continue building up, it becomes a healthy risk to you and other people using the pool.

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